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Year 7 Webzine 2013: Put the ? in your Life

September 5, 2013 in Cultural Fair 2013, Web Sites by Staff


Stance School Year 7 Teen Webzine 2013

  • Put the question into your life.
  • Click Here to visit the site

The objective of this work was, in the context of a youth online magazine, to give students the opportunity to express themselves on topics related to their values ​​as they reflected on the theme of Cultural Stance Fair 2013: Questions! 

 In the Language Classstudents looked at different genres found in teen magazines. Then produced their own texts to encourage the reader to reflect on many everyday problems, especially with regard to modern slavery.

In Social Studies, students wrote a series of persuasive letters addressed to large companies, asking them to ensure the non existence of slave labor at any stage of the manufacturing process. This was done as an act of engagement, the result of an online interview with a member of the NGO Anti-Slavery International, in the UK.

With regard to work in Science, students participated in discussions about positive and negative aspects of conventional medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies, and alternative remedies containing herbs. The contents of these discussions were recorded and are available in the Webzine in the format of Podcasts .

In ICT, students were introduced to the genre of Webzine by engaging in activities that explored the concepts of Web 2.0 networks. Students were required to become content creators, using various software’s specific to the area briefs. This ICT project is all about constructing meaning within a multi-linguistic environment. It addresses issues concerning multi-modality in the 21st century learner environment, with regard to content creation whose total meaning is constructed out of combinations of text, layout, graphics, video, animation and sound.

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Departamento de Ciências

May 14, 2013 in Cultural Fair 2013, Web Sites by Staff


Stance Dual School Departamento de Ciências

  • The Web Portal for all the students digital work 
  • Click Here to visit the site
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Year 5

May 14, 2013 in Cultural Fair 2013, Web Sites by Staff


Stance Dual School Year 5 Web Space

  • The Web Portal for all the students digital work 
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Itatiaia 2013

May 3, 2013 in Web Sites by Staff


Stance School Year 6 visit to Itatiaia National Park 2013 – This site is presently under construction by the students of Year 6 but can still be viewed.

  • The Science and Geography Web Portal about the park
  • Click Here to visit the site

Taking our students from Year 6 to Itatiaia National Park to study the environment allows them the opportunity to create a more meaningfully understanding of what they have learned during their classes. The field experiments make it possible for the direct investigation of the content studied previously. Research has shown that a higher level of understanding is always engendered when one can take the class out of the classroom.

The course of study was prepared by the teachers of 6th grade for the subjects of Ciências, Geografia and Science . In it, subjects are treated in a complementary way, integrating the studies conducted during class.

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Ancient Civilizations Web Quest

November 1, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff

This Web Quest was designed for Year 6 Students according to Stance Dual School curricular demands. Students will download the work sheets and then use the provided web links to collect data.

Students go on to use the collected data to create their own web sites as part of Year 6 students introduction to Web Design.

Click Here to visit the Ancient Civilizations Web Quest.

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Focus On Africa

October 19, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff


This website was designed by the School ICT Department specifically for Year 4 students, with the objective of providing them with information for research activities on Africa. It aims to raise awareness of the differences between African countries as well as to challenge students to collect and present data in an intelligible way, to their peers. Within this website you will find general information on five African countries:

Angola, Egypt, Madagascar, Mali and South Africa.

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Teen Webzine 2012: Open Windows, Open Minds

October 10, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff


Stance School Year 7 Teen Webzine 2012

  • Open Windows, Open Minds
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The aim of this work was, in the context of a teen webzine, to have students expressing themselves through various topics that were related to their curiosities and values while thinking about the overarching theme of the Cultural Fair 2012 – Stance: ‘For every window, new wisdom! The window is the same, and the view, is it different?

In doing so and having the theme in mind, students went on to examine in depth genres found in teen magazines and wrote down their own texts so that they could encourage the reader to reflect upon various issues regarding everyday life, but especially the ones concerning modern slavery.

In this sense, it should be pointed out that all the writing productions of students were the result of their effort as well as commitment. Moreover, students were able to catch a glimpse of what was beyond our community’s windows, hence, inviting everyone else to share different points of view! In other words, we simply need to open windows in order to open our own minds!

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What’s On 2011

February 2, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff

What’s On

  • An assisted guide to what’s hot and what’s not in the City of São Paulo
  • Click this link to visit the site
  • The aim of this website is to produce a tour guide of the city of São Paulo by Year 9 students from Stance Dual School.

The public places were selected by the students and evaluated according to the quality of accessibility for people with special needs, IE, wheelchairs, audio visually impaired and people who require special dietary care.To this end, each student was responsible for research, evaluation and providing information regarding the locations of places such as cinemas, theaters, restaurants, museums, shopping malls, football stadiums, recreational centers and parks.The online survey was produced in the ICT classroom and “in situ” based on the technical norms of ABNT and also in theoretical studies in the course of science.

Sao Paulo receives a large number of domestic and international visitors, many of whom belong to the groups mentioned above and can benefit from the information in this guide.The venues selected by Year 9 students will not only give information about their locations, but also highlight features that make such places some of our students’ favorites. Most importantly, it brings opinions on whether the places here selected are prepared and/or adapted to cater for people with special needs. It is, in other words, an assisted guide to the City of São Paulo and will hopefully be of interest of the general public and the aforementioned people.Other than that, it contains some articles and videos produced by Year 9 students, the contents of which have been studied in the science program. This multidisciplinary project encompasses the contents of the course of science, ICT and matemática.

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Year 7 Webzine 2011

February 2, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff

 Stance Teen Webzine 2011

  • Thinking Beyond
  • Click this link to view the site
  • The social activity of Grade 6/Year 7. Thinking Outside the Box in the “Global Village”
In the early 1960s Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), an influential Canadian philosopher, envisioned the establishment of what he called a “global village”, in which  humankind would move from individualism and fragmentation to a collective identity based on technology.  In other words, he believed the divisions among us would eventually be overcome by the establishment of a worldwide network of communications.  What once was just a prediction, however, has been transformed into reality thanks to the appearance of the World Wide Web.  For the first time in our history, the Internet has allowed people from all walks of life around the globe to connect meaningfully with each other in real time, as if we were all living in the same space.   In doing so, we are challenged to discard old notions of otherness. Nevertheless, despite this revolutionary strengthening of the bonds that tie us together, multiple outlooks on life still exist. Indeed, these various perspectives, encapsulated by the term “alterity”, can be enriching, for by understanding differences we also enhance our ability to understand ourselves.  This capacity to “think outside the box”, to see beyond the “ego”, is what we educators at Stance Dual School seek to instill in our students.   The Year 7 Webzine, therefore, is one of the products of those efforts.


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Year 7 Webzine 2010

February 2, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff

Stance Teen Webzine 2010

  • Work and Consumption
  • Click here to visit the site
  • The social activity of Grade 6/Year 7  was organizing an online magazine or “webzine” for teens.

During the process a wide array of models was analyzed, in both digital and printed format, although the primary focus has always been on magazines whose target audience is adolescents. Once the students were well-acquainted with the publications in question, they went on to examine in depth three related genres, namely feature articles, advice columns and public service announcements, all of which are found on the Stance Teen Webzine, fruit  of the students’ effort and commitment.  Finally, it should be pointed out that most of the work produced has the underlying aim of motivating readers to reflect and take action, that is, to think globally and act locally. In other words,


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Past Blogs

November 9, 2011 in Web Sites by Staff

Below are a small selection of students blogs from previous years.

As mentioned on the Home Page, now for the first time new students blogs are integrated into this web site. The links below are all run from a variety of mainstream blog hosting companies.

Past Students blogs from Year8/Grade 7

Isabella,  Eduarda,
Alexandra, Rafael,
Victoria, Guilherme,
Beatriz, Rafael,
Beatriz, Brunno,
Camila, Pisalzano, 
Carolina, Kangsuno